What we offer

Why Sterling Study?

We have an experienced team of highly erudite professionals running our enormous enlarging library. An academically brilliant and creative team bring the world of education and technology together beautifully, to make learning effective, easy and lasting.

Customised Portal Access

Our portal enabled students to access hundreds of learning videos on various topics. Parents can monitor performance, fees, and homework through this platform.

Live Group Sessions

Our group sessions ensure that the student receives close attention whilst maintaining a collaborative learning environment. With every class, students receive homework and personalised feedback on each submission.

Boosting Morals

Our monthly prized competitions are aimed to bring the best out of our students. By rewarding with certificates and gifts, we thrive to help every student achieve their optimal.


We take exams every 3 months to make sure we remain aware of student progress. We use this information to provide better help to them during our classes.

Latest Curriculum

Our course ensures that your child is taught according to the complete, up-to-date curriculum. We make this possible by enrolling your child into a group that is completely coherent with his/her year group.

Mobile App

Our cutting-edge technology allows students to submit and view their homework, monitor performance, and track attendance.