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Why Learn to Code?

    Children who learn to code can develop their independence in a society where technology is pervasive. Learning to code aids students in better comprehending and, in some ways, preparing for one facet of the digital world in which we live. The goal of learning to code is no longer just to become a proficient coder and fill a need in the employment market. It allows kids to advance in many facets of life, including math and science.

    The advantages of programming can be surprisingly varied. Coding provides a wealth of opportunity for developing life skills and exploring job options, which is important when it comes to preparing your children for the future from a young age.

Why Us?
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Diksha Patel

I really enjoy how coding is taught to us. The way we learn new things are very exciting and I really like my classes.

Harry Patel

Coding really changed the way I do things in the school. My maths became much better after starting to learn coding with Sterling Study. I really enjoy this!

Krish Patel

I like how I get challenged about learning different codes. During my sessions of coding, I have learnt that there are different type of codes, eg: a code to make a calculator or to find all possibilities of the alphabet or something related. I also learnt that the spinning doughnut can be used in C language as well.

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  • Time:   MON to FRI (8-9pm), SUN (4-8pm)
  • Class Duration:   1 hour
  • Total Classes:   24
  • Course Duration: 6 Month
  • Levels:   Beginner, Intermediate,
    Advanced, Profession
  • Enrolled: 47 Students
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