Course Overview

Discover a personalized path to A-Level excellence for your child with Sterling Study's A-Level Tuition courses. Our one-on-one A-Level Tuition courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, and Further Maths are meticulously designed to help your child excel in their A-Level examinations. We pride ourselves on offering exam-oriented teaching that caters to their specific exam board, whether it's OCR, AQA, Edexcel, or any other.

Key Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, your child will:

  1. Enhance Problem-Solving Skills : Improve their ability to solve complex problems, apply scientific and mathematical concepts, and analyze various problem-solving techniques.

  2. Develop Subject Mastery : Cultivate mastery in their chosen A-Level subjects, gaining a deep understanding of the subject matter and its practical applications.

  3. Hone Exam Strategies : Prepare to confidently tackle A-Level exam questions by developing effective strategies for time management and question-solving, becoming confident with exam practice.

  4. Improve Communication : Enhance their ability to explain complex concepts and solutions clearly, both in writing and verbally

  5. Master Core Topics : Delve into core topics, building a strong foundation for advanced study and future academic and career endeavors

Why Join Sterling Study's A Level Program?

  One-on-One Instruction : Benefit from personalized attention as our experienced educators work closely with your child to navigate the intricacies of their chosen A-Level subjects.

  Exam-Oriented Teaching : Our curriculum is precisely tailored to align with the requirements of their specific exam board, ensuring thorough preparation for A-Level exams.

  Subject Expertise : Our tutors are subject matter experts who impart in-depth knowledge and practical problem-solving skills, fostering a deep understanding of the subjects.

  Flexible Scheduling : Enjoy the convenience of flexible scheduling, allowing you to plan tuition sessions to fit seamlessly into your child's routine.

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Embark on your child's journey to A-Level excellence with Sterling Study. Don't miss out on the opportunity to help them excel in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, and Further Maths during Year 12 and Year 13. Join us today and unlock their academic potential!